This combination stunt and quiz show for kids

    debuted on NBC TV in the fall of 1972.

    A group of youngsters ages 8 to 12 would listen to music

    or watch a comedy skit or a demonstration.

    And then they would be asked asked a question pertaining

    to the music or the situation that they had witnessed EG's

    "Is a Sponge an animal,vegtabile or a mineral","What film used

    the song"The Candy Man"..Is it "Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory",

    "The Wizard Of Oz" or "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!"?

    The possible answers to the question would be shown on a lighted

    game board on the other side of the studio.

    The kids would run to the game board and then the kids

    would run all over the game board to prevent their oppenents

    from standing on the section that had the right answer.

    But after a few second..the host would say"When you hear

    the gotto stick"..When he clicked his little clicking


    The kids had to stop and stand on that part of the game board

    ..that had the right answer.

    When they stayed on that spot..the host would call up to

    the lighting director and ask"All Right..Who is right with the


    And the kids that stood on the spot that had the answer

    EG"Animal","Willy Wonka" won that round and pick out

    tokens(Rubber ball)from a large glass bowl and place them

    in chutes near the seating section of the studio.

    Those kids that either moved off of the game board

    when the clicker was sounded or who didn't get the right

    answer..had to sit in th penalty box..until they would be

    called out and they had to answer another question based

    upon their knowledge on a certain subject"How many presidents

    served in The White House..before 1945"?

    The kid who is able to answer the most questions and

    obtain the most tokens..would win a collection of toy prizes

    and a trip with their family to either Hawaii,NYC or to Canada.

    The show was not a hit and it left the air after one season.

    Ventriloquist Paul Winchell was the series host and more

    often than not.

    He would have his puppet pals:"Jerry Mahoney" and

    "Knucklehead Smiff"perform a comedy skit that would lead

    into the questions that were posed to the contestants.

    This was Paul Winchell's last regular on camera

    tv stint.

    Following the cancellation of"Runaround"..he

    would confine his tv efforts to doing voice overs for

    cartoons and commercials and doing guest appearances

    on tv talk shows and specials.