This US sitcom was set in the small Georgia town of Clinton Corners. the show was named after the president of the time "Jimmy Carter".

    The lovable redneck chief of police was Roy Mobey (Victor French). He was ably assisted by his ultra-intelligent black deputy, Sergeant Curtis Baker (Kene Holliday) who had been trained in New York City.

    Despite obvious points of conflict (black vs. white, big-city cop vs. backwoods redneck) the two men had great respect for each other. Curtis was always trying to make time with the Mayor's secretary Lucille, and finally, in May 1979, they were married.

    Teddy Burnside was the weak-willed, chubby Mayor (a mama's boy who was elected because nobody else wanted the job) who also ran the local bank, Burnside Savings & Loan. He always preferred to pass the buck and his favourite departing words were "Handle it!"

    Other regulars included: Cloris Phebus, a man-hungry policewoman; Harley, a young deputy at the station and Jasper, one of the "good ole boys." In the second season, Tracy Quinn, a cub reporter played by Melanie Griffiths, and Roy's mother, Julia Mobey, were added to the cast.