The Jungle; here I was born; and here my parents died when I was but an infant. I would have soon perished too, had I not been found by a kindly she-ape named Kala, who adopted me as her own and taught me the ways of the wild. I learned quickly, and grew stronger each day, and now I share the frendship and trust of all jungle animals. The jungle is filled with beauty, and danger; and lost cities filled with good, and evil. This is my domain, and I protect those who come here; for I am Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle.
    —Opening narration

    Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle made its debut in the fall of 1976. Based largely on the work of comics artist Burne Hogarth, TLOTJ featured impressive animation which was far above the average norm.

    The first season consisted of 16 half-hour episodes that premiered on 1976-09-11

    The second season consisted of six new episodes and reruns, aired with the half-hour series The New Adventures of Batman as the Batman/Tarzan Adventure Hour. It premiered on 1977-09-10.

    The third season added six new episodes, and aired with a number of other series as the ninety-minute Tarzan and the Super 7. It premiered on 1978-09-09.

    The fourth season added eight new episodes, and aired as part of the second season of Tarzan and the Super 7. It premiered on 1979-09-15.

    The fifth season (The Tarzan/Lone Ranger Adventure Hour), and the sixth season (The Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro Adventure Hour) were all Tarzan reruns aired with other series.

    Tarzan — voiced by Robert Ridgely
    N’kima — Tarzan’s monkey companion, voiced by Lou Scheimer
    Jad-bal-ja (the golden lion) — raised and trained by Tarzan
    Tantor (elephants) — Tarzan’s friends, they will come to his aid