A white southern police chief and his new, African-American Chief of Detectives, forced on him by a mayor seeking the African-American vote, find they have more in common than they imagine in this moody crime series. Chief Bill Gillespie is a gruff old-timer who knows the streets and people of Sparta, Mississippi, like the back of hand. Virgil Tibbs, though he was born in Sparta, is schooled the latest techniques in scientific criminology from his years as a big-city cop in Philadelphia. When Virgil returns, he finds that Sparta is still living in another era in terms of police work and race relations. But his sleepy hometown is evidently a hotbed of crime, so Virgil and the Chief learn to work together and ignore the bigotry in the town and on the force. Based on the classic movie of the same name, this critically-acclaimed series still boasts a legion of fans world-wide.