Using the familiar Krofft theme of "fish out of water tries to find a way home", the Lost Saucer concerned two androids from the year 2369, Fi and Fum, who land their saucer in modern day Chicago. The saucer landed outside the home of Jerry, a young boy and Fi and Fum invited Jerry and Alice, his babysitter, aboard the saucer to look around. Before Jerry and Alice could leave, various onlookers (including neighbors and various law enforcement units) showed up to investigate the saucer. Fearing that the onlookers would do them harm, the two androids took off in the saucer before Jerry and Alice could leave the ship. In there never ending quest to find their way back home, Alice and Jerry, along with Fi, Fum and their pet, Dorse (half dog/half horse), encountered a variety of creatures, personalities and cultures.