It's still number one, it's Top of the Pops!" First airing at 6.35pm, Wednesday 1st January 1964 on BBC ONE, broadcast live from a disused church in Manchester, Top of the Pops was only supposed to last a few episodes. Instead it exceeded all expectations, revolutionised music fans lives and sparked off the longest running music show in the world. In the early 1980`s it moved to 7.30pm on a thursday and in the mid 1980`s was also for a short time also broadcast on BBC Radio 1. In the min 1990`s it was moved to a Friday at 7.30pm an in late 2005 the BBC moved the show to an early evening slot on BBC 2 just as the charts on BBC Radio 1 ended and the show been in that slot since then. Show been though a few changes since it was first showen.