Auf Wiedersehen Pet is a story of the rise and fall of seven very different people. There are three Geordies, one Scouser, one Brummie, one Cockney and one from Bristol. Auf Wiedersehen Pet shows what life was really like for self - employed workers in the 1980's. And after 20 years they are reunited and begin working together again. with a entirely different crew. Show was first showen on ITV in 1983 and ended in 1984. Then in 2003 it made a come back on the BBC with one new face to the cast as one died just after the show finished filming the first time round in 1984. The BBC stoped the show in 2004. just as filming started in 2004 one of the cast Pet Roch tane ill so they had to be sadly bewriten out of the show. He then died a few months later. So the BBC said there would be no other show after that.