Tony Baretta was an unconventional cop. He was
    streetwise, single, with a decidedly funky lifestyle:
    he holed up in apartment 2-C of the run-down King
    Edward Hotel with his pet cockatoo Fred. He was
    usually seen in a T-shirt and jeans, with his
    trademark cap pulled down over his forehead. Being
    the orphaned son of poor Italian immigrants, Tony
    knew the city inside out. He was a master of disguise,
    and because of his rough appearance was able to
    infiltrate such groups as motorcycle gangs and even
    "the Mob." Needless to say, he refused to have a
    partner and always worked alone. Inspector Shiller
    was his original boss, later succeeded by Lt. Brubaker.
    Billy Truman was a retired cop who was a
    combined manager and house detective
    at the hotel where Baretta lived.