Queen Maeve of Terma wants to rule the land of her birth, the peaceful kingdom of Kells. She calls upon the dark fairy Mider, who gives her a crystal that allows Maeve to use sorcery to summon mystical creatures. King Conchobar of Kells hears of Maeve's evil plain and must find a way to stop her and protect his kingdom and peoples. Rohan, a Druid's apprentice discovers an ancient scroll that tells of a legendary warrior called Draganta who would save that kingdom; Ronan's birth mark had matched the sign on the scroll. The King sends Rohan on the quest to find Draganta, along with his friend Angus. The two meet up with the foriegn Prince Ivar, and the king's daugther, Princess Deirdre follows them. They were then drawn to the realm of Tir Na Nog ruled by the fairy King, Fin Varra. Fin Varra puts the group through tests, to determine their worthiness. Unbeknownst to Fin Varra, a flighty faerie named Aideen helps the heroes in their tests. When they pass the tests, King Fin Varra gives them half of the scroll and mystical weapons for Fire, Air, Earth, and Water. The four young warriors must battle the four Dark Sentinels, who guard their mystical elemental armor. After defeating the Sentinels, the four warriors were named Mystic Knights. Rohan becomes the Mystic Knight of Fire, Angus the Mystic Knight of Earth, Ivar the Mystic Knight of Water, and Dierdre the Mystic Knight of Air. Each Knight can call upon their mystical element for powers unique to it. Aideen continues to offer periodic assistance to the young heroes in their efforts to thwart Maeve. Later in the series, another Mystic Knight emerges; Garrett, the Mystic Knight of Forrest. He begins as an adversary under the control of Queen Maeve, but later frees himself from her influence, throwing his lot in with the Mystic Knights to fight Maeve. Garrett and Rohan develop a rivalry for Princess Dierdre's affections. Eventually, Rohan manages to tame Pyre, the Dragon of Dare. This feat reveals Rohan as the legendary hero of lore, Draganta. The five continued their struggle against Queen Maeve of Terma. Eventually Queen Maeve summons a new creature that's more powerful then the last beasts fought before that lasts many episodes. The creature is then revealed to have a birth mark similar to Rohan's and it is then announced that Rohan and the creature are in fact brothers and the mother is Queen Maeve.

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    Other Thoughts:

    A great idea for a combo of kids action and historical relevance, I thought this could appeal to all ages. However, midway through someone like Tipper Gore and her "parents" watchdogs must have griped about the little violence in it, as it soon became toned down. It was destined to JTS after that! Even as a kid, I could tell it just never was the same as Fox put it out of its misery all too soon!

    This show seemed to have such a great concept - wonderful sets, pretty good plots, and (for a kid's show) even well-done accents.

    I loved how there was a black guy in ancient Ireland. Most of the time I loathe political correctness, but sometimes it has hilarious results!

    i liked the show and watched it everyday. i also dont like how they made it less violent.