a Spanish-German children's television series created by Josep Viciana, and designed by Roman Rybakiewicz.[5] In the United States, the series aired on Noggin (now Nick Jr.) from September 8, 2003[4] to April 1, 2007. As of 2017, the series is currently airing reruns on Starz.A curious young cow named Connie explores her colorful world. Characters Edit
    Connie is a young female cow and the protagonist of the series. She is very curious, and always tries new things. The character is played by Andrea Vega Guzman (Season 1) and Ayesha Mendham (Seasons 2 and 3.)[7]
    Patch is a playful dog who lives near Connie's farmhouse. He is introduced in the episode "Patch the Stray Dog". The character is played by show narrator Alex Warner.[7]
    Wally is a plump multicolored bird who lives in a tree near the farm.
    Grouch is an aptly-named irritable fox and the main antagonist of the series.
    Mollie and Bill are Connie's mother and father. They give Connie advice, and help out with problems.
    Hedgy is a hedgehog who wears a sock over his nose.
    Maddie is a lamb with orange wool.
    Paddy and Pearl are pigs and Connie's neighbors.128 episodes were produced, making up three seasons.[8] In 2011, all 17 episodes of the first season were released on a dual-layer DVD. In 2017, episodes of the show's second and third seasons have been picked up by Starz for reruns.