Centering around two guys and a girl who have been best friends since college - Pete Dunville, the neurotic architecture student, Michael "Berg" Bergen, an aimless grad student and Sharon Carter, a tough career-woman with a soft center. Living in the same apartment block in Boston, the three friends are struggling to cope with life after college. Sharon is torn between money and a job that she hates, Pete is going through relationship troubles in his continuous search for "The One", and Berg is changing majors as often as he changes the experimental drugs he is taking to earn extra money.

    After the first season, the supporting cast underwent an overhaul, introducing Johnny Donnelly, the jukebox repairman with a mutual attraction to Sharon, Ashley Walker, the sarcastic medical student beating out Berg to be the top of their class, and later in the season, Irene, Pete's Stalker with a Crush & a love for cats. The third season saw the show undergo a further retool, as Pete & Berg stopped working at Beacon Street Pizza and the titular Pizza Place was dropped from both the series itself & the show's title. The show was renamed Two Guys & A Girl for its last two seasons.