Count Duckula was another one of the many cartoon series "imported" to the US from the UK (others including Danger Mouse and Simon and his Chalk Draw-rings). In fact, this cartoon was spun off from an episode of Danger Mouse. The plot revolves around a vegetarian Vampire Duck (an unfortunate side effect of using Ketchup instead of blood during Count Duckula's Pagan resurrection ceremony). The show’s Shtick includes the Count fainting at the sight of blood and speaking with a wacky Daffy Duck-esq speech impairment.

    Other characters in the show include the long suffering butler Igor and clumsy maid Nanny (a cross between a goose, Lenny (from Of Mice and Men) and a Frigidaire). Speaking of voices, you are not mistaken, that IS Vincent Price providing his vocal talents as the opening narrator.