This show was based on the many Police Academy movies. Bad boy Richard Casey is sentenced community service or joining the Police Academy, he chooses the last option. Ofcourse, Rich is still a bad boy, he organises parties and gamble nights in the academy. Sgt. Rusty Ledbetter, who hates Rich, constantly tries to catch him gambling but never succeeds. He doesn't have to put up with the sergeant alone, he quickly gets to know a few new friends:
    Annie Medford: a cute innocent girl who thinks she's been jinxed since every man she's with gets into accidents, she and Rich eventually become a couple
    the Tackleberry brothers: 2 crazy twinbrothers, one is black, the other white
    Luke Kackley: Rich's roommate, he's huge but he wouldn't hurt a fly, he's kind and shy
    Alicia Cervantes: a biker chick who joined the academy to escape her crazy boyfriend
    Lester Shane: a suckup to the sergeant