Based on the long-running comic strip. Garfield is a fat, orange cat who lives in a middle class cul-de-sac with John Arbuckle and constantly harasses him and mocks the neighbor's dog Luca, a Doberman Pinscher. He has only a few friends in the form of a mouse, Louis, and a few of the neighborhood cats, Nermal and love interest Arlene. After John's habit of taking Garfield to his crush, veterinarian Liz Wilson leads to a misunderstanding, John is given custody of a stray dog, Odie, whom he grows fond of very quickly. Garfield's jealousy leaves him to lock Odie out of the house where he runs away. He is soon taken in by local TV host Happy Chapman, a seemingly happy morning show reporter who is actually jealous of his older brother, a news reporter, and wishes to upstage him. After Garfield learns that Chapman plans to take Odie to New York City and train him as a show dog, he goes to right his wrong and embarks on a rescue mission to find him.