Wonder Woman, based on Charles Moulton's comicbook
    superheroine of the 1940s, developed gradually into a
    regular TV series. It was first seen in TV movies in March
    1974 and November 1975, then in a series of specials called
    The New Orginial Wonder Woman beginning in March 1976.
    After popping up in various spots all over the ABC schedule,
    finally, in the fall of 1977, it moved to CBS and
    became a regular weekly series.

    The show was comic-strip, pure and simple, set in the 1940s.
    Wonder Woman came from a "lost" island where a band of
    Amazon women had fled ca. 200 B.C. to escape male domination
    by the ancient Greeks and Romans. On Paradise Island they
    found the magic substance Feminum, which when molded into
    a golden belt gave them superhuman strength and in golden
    bracelets could deflect bullets. It didn't help their love
    life much, though, so when Major Steve Trevor of the U.S.
    army crash-landed on the island during World War II, Wonder
    Woman fell in love and returned with him to the U.S. in
    the guise of his secretary. Major Trevor did not know her
    powers, but when trouble threatened, Yeoman Prince could
    disappear for a while, and whirl herself into Wonder Woman!
    She then reappeared, clad in sexy tights and draped in a
    cape that looked something like the American flag.

    Her opponents were mostly Nazi agents, plus a few aliens
    from outer space, all of whom were dispatched in slam-bang-
    biff-pow style. Seen occasionally on Diana's side was
    her younger sister, Drusilla, the "Wonder Girl."