The Paw Paws was the 3rd cartoon of The Funtastic World Of Hanna-Barbera, alongside The Challenge Of The GoBots, The Jetsons, Yogi's Treasure Hunt, And Galtar And The Golden Lance. The series tells a story about a group of small bears that lived in a tribal society, the cuddly cubs spent every day defending themselves from their enemies, The Meanos, led by the evil Dark Paw. The wicked bear and his henchmen were after the Paw Paws' three large wooden totems, Bear Paw, Eagle Paw, and Turtle Paw. The totems A.K.A. Totem Paw was also served as the tribe's protectors, coming to life when needed to defend the village.

    Much like The Smurfs, The Shirt Tales, The Snorks, The Pound Puppies, and The Biskitts, the Paw Paws had names that denoted their personalities, the show was also the 1st TFWOHB series that introduced an up and coming voice actress named Susan "Sue" Blu who went on to do Arcee in season 3 of Hasbro and Marvel's The Transformers: Generation 1.