The trials and tribulations of Captain Barney Miller
    of New York City's 12th Precinct. Others around the
    station house were Detective Sergeant Amenguale, the Puerto Rican; Detective Stanley Wojohowicz, the naive,trusting one; Detective Nick Yemana, the one who made the awful coffee; Detective Phil Fish, the old one who acted and sounded like every breath might be his last;
    Detective Ron Harris, the wisecracking, ambitious,
    nicely dressed one; Detective Arthur Dietrich, the
    know-it-all; Inspector Frank Lugar, the often incoherent superior; Officer Carl Levitt, the uniformed officer who wanted to become a detective; and Lt. Scanlon, of Internal Affairs and always trying to find some dirt on the 12th Precinct.

    Aside from The Honeymooners, Barney Miller was the sit-com that most approximated a one-act play.

    Almost every episode took place in one room of a rundown, filthy police station in Greenwich Village.