Japan power rangers like series from 70s based on Marvel Comics heroes Captain America (orginally renamed as Captain Japan, then changed to Battle Japan), and Miss America! (she's got to keep her name!) The 3rd official Super Senai series (Power Rangers) in Japan, and the first Super Sentai show to be called a 'Super Sentai' officially. A joint production of Marvel Productions and Toei, after the succees of their japanese Spider-Man show and it was because of Spider-Man that Toei decided to give Battle Fever J their own giant robot to defeat the monster of the day and that tradition has been continued ever since. The motiff of this show was fighters from different countries. The names of the 5 are Battle France (Blue), Battle Cosack (from the back then U.S.S.R.) (Orange), Battle Kenya (Black), Miss America (Pink) and the team leader Battle Japan (Red). They face the evil Egos organisation and the show had a total of 52 episodes aired between 02/03/1979 to 01/26/1980.