Black Adder tells the story of 4 different generations of Black Adders over 4 seasons. Each season has the same actors but a different storyline. Every Black Adder is a decendant from the previous season's Black Adder.

    Season 1: Black Adder:
    When Edmund Blackadder, duke of Edinburgh, accidently kills his father's uncle, King Richard III, his father is throned the next king of England, Richard IV.
    Edmund is now second in line for the throne of England, calls himself the Black Adder and together with his servants, Lord Percy and Baldrick, schemes to get rid of his father and brother to become king.

    Season 2: Black Adder II:
    The great-grandson of the original Black Adder is a courtier at the court of Queen Elizabeth I. This time Edmund is trying to become king by marrying the queen, an easy task if it wasn't for the competition and his feelings for his servant Bob, who's in fact a disguised girl. Assisted by Lord Percy Percy and peasant Baldrick, a Black Adder is after the throne of England once again.

    Season 3: Black Adder the third:
    Edmund Blackadder has lost the family fortune and is reduced to being the butler of George, Prince Regent of Wales. This Black Adder is smarter than his ancestors and constantly has to save George, who's a complete idiot, assisted by his companion Baldrick.

    Season 4: Black Adder goes forth:
    Edmund Blackadder is a captain in the British army during World War I. Intelligent but cowardly, the Black Adder tries to escape his duties and flee from the war, together with private Baldrick.