A cartoon series that pioneered the Bouncing Ball sing along format . The first cartoon disturbuted for theaters by Paramount Pictures is The Sidewalks of New York. Famous Studios put Screen Songs in color, starting with the Noveltoon Old MacDonald Had A Farm, then spun-off the the Screen Song name with The Circus Comes To Clown. When movies competed with television in the 50's all pre 1950 went to U.M.&.M TV Corp. which later became NTA.
    They redone and covered up the orginal theatrical prints to theatrical-like TV prints.
    Storyline: Gags and mini-stories abound until someone ( a character or famous singer of the time)
    asks the audince to sing along by "Following the Bouncing Ball". Many people began copying this idea later in the century, but according to an NTA VHS tape cover, it was Max Fleischer who invented this format. Paramount Pictures owns this series again,though it's backlogged. Last offical TV distubutor relase on video was in 1995.