This series was intended to continue the Robotech Saga explaining what happened to the original Macross Saga characters between The Robotech Masters and The New Generation sagas. However due to various reasons the production fell through and only 3 episodes were made by Tatsunoko Production.

    Rick Hunter and Lisa Hayes begin to lead a new expedition to find the Robotech Masters. The series introduces new and old characters from all the various sagas as they prepare to embark on the expedition on the SD-F 3. However the crews future enemy the Invid as they take over the Robotech Master's home world of Tirol.

    Later the episodes were formed in to a movie released by Carl Macek's Streamline Pictures in 1992 and ADV Films in 2001. This would be the last of any television or movie media for Robotech until 2007's Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles.

    While the series was canceled as a TV show the story would continue in comics and novels.