Old Ebenezer Scrooge McDuck is the richest duck on earth, with a giant vault filled with money.
    He is an avid adventurer, and with the help of lovable nephew, the legendary Donald Duck, and his three nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck, his niece Webby, and of course his pilot Launchpad McQuack.
    As they go out in search of rare treasures, defend the city of Duckberg from Mama Beagle and her sons The Beagle Boys, a family of inept robbers, or elsewise manage to find ways to have fantastic adventures that always manage to wrap up within a half hour ;)

    Flintheart was Scrooge's rival, the second richest duck in the world, who was always looking for a way to get more money then Scrooge to beat him out. Often times he would team up with the Beagle Boys to work against Scrooge. If theres one thing Flintheart was famous for, its for playing dirty.

    Magica DeSpell was an evil witch who wished to rule the world. Unlike most of the villians on the show, Magica didn't want Scrooge's pile of money; she was after his lucky Number One Dime, Scrooge's very first paycheck. Somehow, the Number One Dime was always what was needed in her spells to control the world.

    A variety of other villians were seen throughout the show, ranging from vikings, to a evil woman wishing to marry Scrooge to take his money, to a pickpocket who snatched up anything of value and hid them in his pants (the pickpocket, Dijon, would play a role in the Ducktales movie, where he was constantly seen shoving his pants full of coins, treasure, and silverwear).