Modern technology can be such a good thing and many rely on it to get through their day. But for several New Yorkers, they tend to use it too much interfacing via their PCs, faxes, and of course, telephones, without having to meet face to face. Linda had planned a party, but no one came where everyone she knew was to busy to attend. Gail plays matchmaker by setting her friend Barbara up with Jerry who, in turn, hit things faxes and phone sex. Meanwhile, Jerry's friend, Martin gets the surprise of his life when he gets a call from Denise, a young woman pregnant with his child from what he was to be an anonymous donation at a sperm bank. And although, the two have never met before, Martin begins to wonder if he wants to be part of the whole parenting process. While everyone taps on their computers and chatter on the phone, friendships are made and relations are broken and yes, people die and even give birth over the telephone. Finally, Frank decides to throw a gala on New Year's Eve, but will anyone take the time away from hectic schedules? And if they do, will Frank even answer his door? Written and directed by Hal Salwen.

    Cast of Characters

    Tim Daly....Frank Oliver
    Caroleen Feeney....Barbara Gorton
    Dan Gunther....Martin Weiner
    Dana Wheeler-Nicholson....Gale Donelly
    Liev Schreiber....Jerry Heckerman
    Aida Turturro....Linda
    Alanna Ubach....Denise Devaro
    Sylvia Miles....Sharon, Gail's Aunt
    Jean LaMarre....Dalton Philips, Cab Driver
    Mark Blum....Dr. Brennan, Obstetrician
    Hal Salwen....Jerry as a Little Boy