Meet Buddy Evans. He's a confirmed bachelor, the event's manager at Madison Square Garden in New York City, and loves his life as well as children. But the more he finds himself around kids, along with the fact he just turned 44, he finds himself wanting a son of his own...someone to remind the world that "Buddy Evans was here." The only problem is that Buddy doesn't want to get married. So with the help of his pals Larry and Kurt, he decides to hire a surrogate mother to bear his heir. But now he's faced with an even bigger problem when numerous women become offended by his plan for fatherhood. However, Maggie, a waitress at the local coffee house thinks it's a modern, civilized approach. One day, fate brings Buddy and Maggie together again and the deal is struck between them where she could use the money to move to Paris and pursue her goal of being a musician. After awkward attempts to conceive, Maggie becomes pregnant and moves in with Buddy...who supervises her whole pregnancy from diet to exercise. And while Buddy continues with his normal life, Maggie begins to feel ignored and starts to rethink that she loves this baby...and even Buddy himself. Can Buddy come to his senses before he loses his son along with everything else? Directed by David Steinberg. Written by Charlie Peters.

    Cast of Characters

    Burt Reynolds....Buddy Evans
    Beverly D'Angelo....Maggie
    Norman Fell....Larry
    Paul Dooley....Kurt
    Elizabeth Ashley....Sophia Thatcher
    Lauren Hutton....Jenny Lofton
    Juanita Moore....Celia
    Peter Billingsley....Tad
    Jacqueline Brookes....Aunt Ethel
    Linda Gillin....Cathy
    Mike Kellin....Tour Guide
    Victoria Young....Patti
    Elsa Raven....Pre-natal Nurse
    Carol Locatell....Ms. Werner
    Murphy Dunne....Singing Telegram Man
    MacIntyre Dixon....Nature Walk Teacher
    Alfie Wise....Cabbie
    Tony DiBenedetto....Butcher
    Dick Wieand....Mario