Having just returned from her honeymoon, Margret Becker-Hix wants nothing more than to settle down and enjoy her second marriage with her new (and much younger) husband, John. However, the newlyweds are in for the biggest surprise of their lives when the 53-year-old Margret discovers that she is pregnant for the fifth time. And while she is beyond thrilled, John expresses concern for her health and welfare. Meanwhile, Margret's grown children return and equally react to the shocking news while going through their share of problems including Dennis looking for a new job, Andrew dealing with his ex wanting to see their children two years after she left, Mary facing unwed motherhood, and Anne falling in love again after her second divorce. When Margret goes against John's wishes and decides to keep their baby, he moves out. Left to bond with her expecting eldest daughter, Margret wants John to happy about the child, but he just can't shake the feeling of losing her. Can they pull through or will they separate? Second in the Bride series. Directed by Bill Bixby. Written by Bart Baker.

    Cast of Characters

    Rue McClanahan....Margret Becker-Hix
    Kristy McNichol....Mary Becker
    John Wesley Shipp....Dennis Becker
    Anne Bobby....Anne Becker
    Conor O'Farrell....Andrew Becker
    Greg Kean....Nick
    Clyde Kusatsu....Dr. Chang
    L. Scott Caldwell....Dr. Davis
    Michele Joyner....Judy
    Ted Shackelford....John Hix
    Beverley Mitchell....Jersey
    Casey Wallace....Amy