The Three Stooges are bumbling janitors at The National Space Foundation..who find out that the creator of the rocket fuel"Dr.Narvig"is in trouble..her fuel is not helping the rocket travel into space and unless she can create a new super fuel..the US government will shut down the program.The boys create a new super rocket fuel..but their boss.."Mr.Morse"finds out and he sends them on a runway journey to Venus..where the team must prevent an evil robot from heading to Earth and turning the human race into electric energy.
    Film Studio: Columbia Tristar
    M.P.A.N.A. Rating: G (General Audiences)
    Color: Black and White

    Dallas McKennon does the voice of "Uni:The Talking Unicorn",Robert Colbert plays The National Space Foundation's resident shrink and Jerome Cowan plays the head of the foundation"Mr.Morse".