For Linda and Michael Spector, they seem to have the mature and perfect life: married for over ten years, successful in their careers, living in a beautiful home, and have everything that it takes to be parents...but are unable to have any children of their own. Desperate to start a family, the couple turns to an adoption agency and are soon introduced to Lucy Moore who, at 17, is expecting, but neither her nor boyfriend, Sam are ready for a baby. Once they meet, the Spectors and young Lucy agree to the adopting of the child and spend time together getting to know one another and finding a unexpected common bond between them. But things don't go as for after the arrival of Sam (to check the potential parents out, he says), and eventually the baby's birth, Lucy begins to express doubts about signing away custody. Directed by Jonathan Kaplan.

    Cast of Characters

    Glenn Close....Linda Spector
    James Woods....Michael Spector
    Mary Stuart Masterson....Lucy
    Kevin Dillon....Sam
    Linda Darlow....Lawyer Susan Drew
    Mimi Kennedy....Eli's Mom
    Charles Levin....Eli's Dad
    Ken Lerner....Josh
    Harrison Mohr....Eli
    Alma Beltran....Spanish Woman
    Jane Greer....Esther, Michael's Mother
    Jessica James....Bessie