Plus-sized Grace is just an ordinary girl who works as a cosmetician in a mortuary. Outside of giving beauty to the deceased, life is dull for Grace spending most of her time in bed with food and the TV as her constant companions. She dreams of love, but those around her -- including her father and new (and thinner) stepmother thinks that somebody wouldn't be interested in a girl like Grace and might have a chance if she loses some weight. Just as things seem dimmer, Grace discovers the man of her dreams: a gorgeous subway conductor named Rob who doesn't knows that she exists. So Grace sets out on a mission to get him to notice her and finds a way to meet each other. When they finally do, despite their physical differences (and the fact that Rob is engaged), they find that have a lot more in common than they think. Directed by Paul Schneider and based on the 1985 German movie Zuckerbaby with Marianne Sagebrecht.

    Cast of Characters

    Ricki Lake....Grace
    Craig Sheffer....Rob
    Nada Despotovich....Keri
    Paul Benedict....Mr. Maggleby
    Betty Buckley....Wanda
    John Karlen....Al
    Cynthia Dale....Olivia
    Erik King....Motorman