Free-spirited Tish Gray once had a baby and placed it up for adoption. She is contacted by a friend who introduces her to another childless couple, Jay and Suzanne Wilcox who are unable to have any of their own due to the wife's inability to have children. Tish accepts the offer to be their surrogate, however, what she thinks is a "simple" business arrangement, is not as easy as it seems when she must allow herself to be impregnated by Jay causing a strain on Tish's relationship with her hippie boyfriend Tad not to mention one on the insecure Suzanne. Things get twice as complicated when cultures clash between the middle class Wilcoxes and Tish's Love Generation friends while her feelings towards the surrogate and the father-to-be grow stronger and deeper than either party wanted. Written and directed by James Bridges (who also marks his directorial debut).

    Cast of Characters

    Barbara Hershey....Tish Gray
    Collin Wlicox-Horne....Suzanne Wilcox
    Sam Groom....Jay Wilcox
    Scott Glenn....Tad Jacks
    Jeannie Berlin....Charlotte
    Lili Valenty....Mrs. Culnick
    Helena Kallianiotes....Wanda
    Jeff Siggins....Dexter
    Phyllis Coates....Tish's Mother
    Madge Kennedy....Tish's Grandmother
    Ray Hemphill....Toy Store 'Killer'
    Paul Linke....Sam
    Bob Pickett....Dr. Simms

    and The Single Wing Turquoise Bird:

    Sam Francis
    Alan Keesling
    Peter Mays
    Jonathan Greene
    Jonathan Lippinott
    Jeffrey Perkins
    Michael Scroggins