After four teens mysteriously die simultaneously in Tokyo, Kazuyuki Asakawa, a reporter and uncle to one of the deceased, decides to launch his own personal investigation. His search leads him to "Hakone Pacific Land," a holiday resort where the teens were last together, exactly one week before their deaths. Once there he happens upon a mysterious unmarked videotape. Watching the videotape he witnesses a strange sequence of abstract and realistic footage that ends with the warning "You, who watched this tape, are going to die in one week from now. There's only one way to survive. And that is-" but the end of the tape has been taped over by an advertisement. The tape has a horrible mental effect on Asakawa and he doesn't doubt for a second that its warning is true - the only problem is he has no idea how to avert his fate.

    Returning to Tokyo, he enlists the help of his curious friend Ryūji Takayama, a self-professed rapist who apparently (most likely due to some psychotic defect) has no fear. As soon as Asakawa explains the story Ryūji believes him, and wants nothing other than to see the tape. Asakawa shows it to him, and although Ryūji remains cool and nonchalant he agrees there is a powerful aura around the tape, and asks Asakawa to make him a copy to study at home, which Asakawa does.

    Now both men share a seven day deadline, and must fight against the clock to unravel the mystery of the tape, Sadako Yamamura, and the potentially life-saving riddle.