Spring Break has arrived and eight privileged college guests are invited to the secluded island mansion of heiress Muffy St. John. But a weekend of partying and fun soon turns into something creepy as one by one people start vanishing and later turning up dead. Could it be a cruel practical joke? Or is there a real killer on the loose? Get ready to party 'til you drop...literally. Directed by Fred Walton.

    Cast of Characters

    Jay Baker....Harvey "Hal" Edison, Jr.
    Deborah Foreman....Muffy St. John
    Deborah Goodrich....Nikki Brashears
    Ken Olandt....Rob Ferris
    Griffin O'Neal....Skip St. John
    Leah King Pinsent....Nan Youngblood
    Clayton Rohner....Chaz Vyshnsky
    Amy Steel....Kit Graham
    Thomas F. Wilson....Arch Cummings