They were the Lisbon sisters: Cecilia was 13, Lux was 14, Bonnie was 15, Mary was 16, and Therese was 17. And they were the objects of desire of a group of teenage boys in 1970's Michigan. Many people thought the Lisbons were a model family...that is until the suicide of the youngest daughter. After the tragedy, the boys start to take an active interest to the wonders of the girls. Eventually, led by popular boy Trip Fontaine, the four remaining sisters are taken to the homecoming dance. But when Lux fails to make curfew, their strict parents come up with the ultimate punishment and takes the girls out of school and pretty much life itself. A move that leads them to their ill fates and the obsession of the neighbourhood boys continues to haunt them as they still try to fit all the pieces to the puzzle. Based on the novel by Jeffrey Eugenides and directed by first time director Sofia Coppola. Narrated by Giovanni Ribisi.

    Cast of Characters

    James Woods....Mr. Lisbon
    Kathleen Turner....Mrs. Lisbon
    Kirsten Dunst....Lux Lisbon
    Josh Hartnett....Trip Fontaine
    Michael Pare....Adult Trip Fontaine
    Scott Glenn....Father Moody
    Danny DeVito....Dr. Horniker
    A.J. Cook....Mary Lisbon
    Hanna Hall....Cecilia Lisbon
    Leslie Hayman....Therese Lisbon
    Chelse Swain....Bonnie Lisbon
    Anthony Desimone....Chase Buell
    Lee Kagen....David Barker
    Robert Schwartzman....Paul Baldino
    Noah Shebib....Parkie Denton
    Jonathan Tucker....Tim Weiner
    Joe Roncetti....Kevin Head
    Hayden Christensen....Joe Hill Conley