A grouchy humorist and cartoonist,who hates women,kids and


    Meets a lady..who somehow tolerates his gruff and abrasive

    attitude and falls in love with him.

    They marry and try to maintain a decent relationship despite

    his opinions and the fact that he's losing his eyesight.

    This movie comedy was based upon the cartoons and the

    life and career of James Thurber.

    Jack Lemon played the James Thurber like character of

    "Peter Wilson"..Barbara Harris played his wife"Terry",Herb

    Edelman played Lemon's literary agent" and Lisa Gerrisen

    played Lemon's daughter(Ms.Gerrisen had played the daughter

    of the James Thurber like cartoonist"John Monroe"(played by

    William Windom)on the NBC TV sitcom"My World & Welcome To