(Hungarian: Hugó, a víziló) is a 1973 animated film originally made by the Pannónia Filmstúdió of Hungary. It was redubbed in English for release in the United States in 1976, and received a G rating from the MPAA.

    The Sultan of Zanzibar has a harbor infested with sharks, which makes it impossible for ships to trade with him. In an attempt to fix the problem, he brings twelve hippos into the harbor to keep the sharks away. His idea works well enough, but once the hippos are no longer a novelty and the people no longer feed them, they begin to starve. After the hungry hippos rampage through the city looking for food, Aban-Khan, the king's adviser, slaughters all the hippos except one, a little hippo named Hugo. Hugo escapes into the city of Zanzibar, trying to survive.

    Burl Ives - Narrator (voice)
    Robert Morley - Sultan (voice)
    Paul Lynde - Aban-Khan (voice)
    Jesse Emmett - Royal Magician (voice)
    Ronnie Cox - Jorma (voice)
    Percy Rodriguez - Jorma's Father (voice)
    Len Maxwell - Judge (voice)
    Marie Osmond - (singing voice)
    Jimmy Osmond - (singing voice)
    Don Marshall - Additional characters (voice)

    The film was briefly released to the American home video market in the early 1980s. It was released on DVD only in Hungary. Reviewer Phil Hall suggests that Hugo the Hippo may never get a DVD release due to its psychedelic, weird, politically-incorrect and violent content.