Meat Loaf, in his first leading part as film actor, plays our hero, Travis W. Redfish, a vigorous, hell-raising, beer truck-driving Texan, whose musical knowledge (at least at the outset) is very limited -- for example, he thinks Alice Cooper is one of "Charlie's Angels." But it's his main skill -- mechanical wizardry -- which catapults him into those other worlds of music.

    Travis accidentally comes upon an extraordinary young lady (Kaki Hunter, Porky's), proudly boasting the self-imposed title of groupie (she never actually does what groupies are allegedly famous for) and he's hooked quicker than you can say amplification. Through a series of events (he proves to have all the qualifications of a much-needed roadie), she is forced to lure him into joining the Rock'n'Roll Circus (for whom she groupies) and he thus leaves his eccentric family and their equally mind-boggling home to find himself ensconced in an even more outlandish society. Travis, whose entire universe has been confined to central Texas, suddenly finds himself a fellow traveler -- winging and riding from Los Angeles to New York with stopovers in between.

    Also stars Art Carney, Alice Cooper, Deborah Harry (and Blondie), Asleep at the Wheel, and Don Cornelius.