A New York cantor named Jesse Rabinowitz,not being content with merely singing in the synagogue,decides to perform his own material on the outside,under the name Jess Robin.When one of Jess' bandmates gives A tape of Jess' music to A producer.Jess is suddendly given A great opportunity to go to California,and become A Singing Star.His Traditional Father,and wife,hate the idea;leading Jess on A path paved with Success,Heartache,lost love,and New love,in the form of His Good Hearted Manager, Molly.An enjoyable musical drama/love story,that Neil Diamond fans are sure to love.Starring Neil Diamond as Jess,Laurence Olivier as Cantor Rabinowitz,Lucy Arnaz as Molly,Catlin Adams as Rivka,and Franklin Ajaye as Bubba.