Welder, and would-be sculptor, Wade Hampton (Drew Pillsbury) has been stuck in a Bakersfield, California factory job for 15 years. One day the introspective Hampton drops his tools, walks out, steals a car, leaves his wife and son, and begins driving toward Jerome, Arizona, a place Hampton saw described on a postcard as an "artists community." Along the way, Hampton picks up hitchhiker Jane (Wendie Malick), who apparently has no true destination. Jane compliments his art, but time passes before the two embrace passionately and make love. Intercut into the narrative are interviews with people from Hampton's past who speculate on why he "snapped and committed murder." The executive producer of this film is the film/TV comedy actor David Spade. Shown at 1998 film fests (Americn Film Institute, Austin, Florida, Melbourne, Sedona, Taos). — Bhob Stewart

    Drew Pillsbury - Wade Hampton
    Wendie Malick - Jane
    Scott McKenna - Cal
    Beth Kennedy - Pamela Hampton
    James Keenley - Paul Hampton
    Paul Marusich - Lonnie Dodson
    Mike Traylor - Wingate Jones