married woman who has not been able to successfully conceive a child turns to a specialist who succeeds in inseminating her artificially. Before too long, she hears rumors of the doctor's past and present genetic experiments and when she finally aborts the fetus, finds that it is a monster as she had feared—and still alive! — Kristie Hassen

    Brooke Adams - Virginia Marshall
    Jeffrey Hayenga - Brad Marshall
    James Karen - Dr. Richard Meyerling
    K Callan - Martha Wellington
    Jane Cameron - Beth
    Kathy Griffin - Connie Chicago
    Wendy Kamenoff - Gloria
    Laura Stockton - Janet
    Jonathan Emerson - Mark Robinson
    Janice Kent - Cindy
    Matt Roe - Jeff DeWitt
    Rick Podell - Chuck Martinez
    Lisa Kudrow - Louisa
    Daryl Haney - Policeman
    Steve Rabiner
    Elizabeth Burrelle - Sally St. Claire
    Brad Blaisdell - Co-Worker
    Elisabeth Harrett - Clinic Nurse
    Angelina Estrada - Isabel Fernandez
    Michael Castagnola - Man
    Rick Dean - Abortionist