Real Bullets is the result of a bunch of Hollywood stunt persons (male and female) getting together and saying "Let's make a movie starring US!" The plot: A batch of stunt men and women decide to go vacationing together, and when they get to the chosen spot, they find a drug ring and it's inevitable that the two clash. When they do, the druggies are dumb enough to kidnap two of the stunt women, which means the entire stunt rescue crew is headed out to the dope dealers' lair in hot pursuit. They use all the stunt mans' repertoire of tricks, including diversion explosives, poisoned arrows, et al to pull off the daring rescue. — All Movie Guide

    Dayna Quinn
    Bob Rochelle
    Jim Poslof
    Samir Mamouni
    Merritt Yohnka
    Claudia Stenke
    Dianne Wolston
    John Gazarian
    Justin C. Campbell
    Damita Jo Fox
    Sue Benson
    Patrick Lloyd
    Wolfgang Linkman
    Roy Hill
    Martin Landau
    Darlene Landau