Mega CD Japanese teaser (1990)

Video Games Commercial

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    Cheap Bastard Posted 8 years 5 months ago
    still the N64 came in stores to late, in the mean time nearly everyone that would buy a console already had a Playstation. Sega? I can't even remember seeing the games in stores (I was born in 1988) In Europe the SNES already destroyed Sega, so no store would buy their stuff. I do remember seeing the Dreamcast in a catalog for mail order, but you couldn't buy it anywhere else, same goes for the games.
    Phantasmagoria_3D Posted 11 years 29 days ago
    I always wanted one of these as a kid! Unfortunately, I had no Sega Genesis either! :*(
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    • Winner: Listen, you can't enter in a store and take what you want, that's not the right way.
    • Ari: And why then?
    • Winner: Because, here it is like in jungle where you see a treeful of fruits you can eat a great quantity of it and that's all.
    • Fox: Yeah that's right.
    • Ari: You can do it like this if you're not selfish. You take what you want and leave the rest. Why not?
    • Fox: Yes I know. All of us do this. But it's an animal behavior.
    • Winner: Humans have another way you see. In the shops to take what they need they use the money.
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