Polly Pocket - Pollyville (1990)

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    INancy19895 Posted 11 months 14 days ago
    : Love this Polly Pocket ad
    strawberrymeringue Posted 7 years 2 months ago
    Polly Pocket was probably my mom's favorite toy line of my childhood, except for the Quints baby dolls. I got more Polly playsets than a lot of other toys because my mom was in love with them! I had this, but was just a little bit too old to really enjoy it.
    Early90sGkid Posted 7 years 4 months ago
    I loved polly pocket!! I had two of the "houses" one was my favorite, it was a castle and had a swan
    Jt62786 Posted 8 years 4 days ago
    I use to have theses and my neighbor had tons of them. and I remebred whe nI use to go to her house and played with them./ and I remebred that my brother put one of them in the washing machine
    raph89 Posted 8 years 2 months ago
    Many toys have been recalled because they're dangerous. Well, other toys that should be recalled are the new "Polly Pocket" toys because they're not truely "Polly Pocket."
    MissBumpy Posted 9 years 7 months ago
    I don't know if I had this But i had some Polly Pockets this small you would turn the dial and move it around too Bad they don't make these anymore
    bright_lights Posted 9 years 10 months ago
    omg! i was born in 96 so i never knew about these.when i was like 7 my mommom bought me one of these from some thrift store.i always just thought that it was just a bunch of little doll things put in a polly pocket container. since i only knew about the new ones. i hate the new ones! these are much better.
    RetroDinosuar Posted 10 years 19 days ago
    I had one of these but I lost all the pieces they probally got sucked up in a vacuum or something
    charles de girl Posted 10 years 5 months ago
    i've been dreaming about pollyville of polly pocket in 1994.
    mealeigh288 Posted 10 years 6 months ago
    Yeah Polly Pocket is just not the same anymore! I feel sorry for kids these days. It was so much cooler back in the day. Now she's huge, and like many have already said, should not be called Polly POCKET anymore!!!
    mimitchi33 Posted 10 years 8 months ago
    I love Polly Pocket!
    I still have 2 of these,the School and the Nursery!
    Dark_Daughter Posted 10 years 9 months ago
    I had a Few, but I always lost polly so I would Trap Bugs in them and make them my slaves... or so I thought at the time, Great toy!
    afternoon Posted 11 years 3 months ago
    I had the yellow school!
    SuperSpaceGirl Posted 11 years 4 months ago
    Polly is an old lady, she's your grandmother, now she's 89 years old. In 2012 Polly Pocket R.I.P. 1918-2012.
    chaunny44 Posted 11 years 4 months ago
    I remember polly pocket! I had a ton of these when I was little and still have them in my old toy chest. Yeah it's kinda lame how they make her now..alot bigger than the original. To be honest, I really dont think the new one should be considered polly "pocket" because the size they made her now, she probably can't fit in a pocket!
    Exstacy87 Posted 11 years 5 months ago
    going way back i was looking for this ahaha damn that was 13 years ago
    ToysRUskid Posted 11 years 5 months ago
    I ALWAYS wanted a polly pocket...My cousins and friends all had them but for some reason my dad never bought me one.
    Skylie Posted 11 years 7 months ago
    WoW great ! i still have the church, the ice-cream shop, the toy shop and some others from PollyVille I don't remember. Polly Pocket rocked !
    snowmonkie44 Posted 11 years 8 months ago
    man back when polly was cool and a chokeing hazard!! lol!! it stinks they way they made her now. i wish they could bring the original back my cousin would collect those and i would collect the O'Jenny dolls (slightly larger polly knock off) and houses and we would play with them together. man i miss those days
    nikki89 Posted 11 years 9 months ago
    I had a bunch of Polly Pockets when I was younger! Out of the Pollyville ones I had the Toy Shop and maybe a couple others.
    daminmancejin Posted 12 years 1 month ago
    i still love the this saying Polly Pocket WOW! - Pollyville
    sophie11288 Posted 12 years 2 months ago
    I had the Pizza Place and the Pet Shop, maybe another one but I cant remember!
    daminmancejin Posted 12 years 2 months ago
    i love this song
    Roadgeek Posted 12 years 2 months ago
    I admit it. I had some of those. Yes, I am a boy. I had the pizza parlor, school, pet shop, etc.
    sizz_leteen Posted 12 years 3 months ago
    Aw, I remember Polly Pocket before she grew breasts...I miss those days.
    Xehanort Posted 12 years 4 months ago
    I had the purple house, the nursery, and the school... I think. XD I loved Polly Pockets... I had a huge playset with a two-story house, a playground, a beach, and a farm... oh, the memories...
    Harpsiccord Posted 12 years 6 months ago
    I had the summer place and the skii lodge. If they still made the tiny kind (the good kind) I'd buy them to make up for lost time. I'd buy two of the chapples and switch the dolls so the two brides would marry.
    daminmancejin Posted 12 years 6 months ago
    Polly Pocket WOW! - Pollyville
    daminmancejin Posted 12 years 6 months ago
    i just keep playing this over and over!

    Polly Pocket WOW! - Pollyville
    daminmancejin Posted 12 years 7 months ago
    i know im a guy but i love this Commercial! the only part i keep playing is in the middle where it they say Polly Pocket - Pollyville when they show the Pollyville letters.
    Playmate Posted 12 years 7 months ago
    I have the very orginal. Its a small green case, and its this tiny polly in it. and you can't take her out or anything, you just move the slider thing and she moves around the little house. I remember some little girl gave it to me in elementary school.

    Harpsiccord Posted 12 years 7 months ago
    Now that's what I'm talking about! They've destroyed the Polly I knew. She's way too big now. They shouldn't be allowed to call it Polly Pocket anymore.
    MarchingTwinkie3 Posted 12 years 10 months ago
    I still love the original Polly Pockets. I think from this set I only had the pizza parlour.
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