Gummi Worms (1990)

Snacks/Food Commercial

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    SuperSpaceGirl Posted 7 years 2 months ago
    wanna bite a worm?
    Eureeka Posted 9 years 2 months ago
    That black kid's voice annoyed me. >.
    dalmatianlover Posted 9 years 7 months ago
    Oh, I get it! "I have worms! Wanna try some?"
    dakid Posted 9 years 8 months ago
    i used to hate this commecial hey and yeah i just realized this sounds wrong "WANNA TRY ONE OF MY WORMS" ..
    Agent JXC Posted 9 years 9 months ago that you've brought it up it does sound dirty. lol That white kid's voice though was really obnoxious to me. Did anyone else feel that way?
    dalmatianlover Posted 9 years 9 months ago
    Stupid, yes, but still classic.
    Harpsiccord Posted 9 years 9 months ago
    We were so much more innocent back then... I never thought anything of that commercial when I was 9. And then I started reading slash fiction...
    kimsy520 Posted 9 years 11 months ago
    hahaha they sure do
    DieYuppieScum Posted 10 years 1 month ago
    LOLOLOL They dont sound like they are talking about "worms"... I have a sick mind.
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