Swiss Chalet - Festive Special (1990)

Fast Food Commercial

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    achiu31 Posted 8 years 15 days ago
    Yeah, I wish it was still $6. Nowadays everything at Swiss Chalet is expensive.
    ChowTimer Posted 8 years 11 months ago
    I love toblarone, and I still get it. the food in that place looks good, too.
    princess of power Posted 9 years 4 months ago
    Ahhh...memories. I always loved coming here back in the mid 90's. Eating here would guarantee that I would be full by night's end. I would always obsess over getting a Tobelerone bar...until I learned its ingredients (some of which I'm allergic to. :/) It was so much fun, I even had my 10th birthday there! But if I ever eat there again, I'll be sure to know the finger bowl is for cleaning your hands, NOT eating! lol

    And to hopefully answer your question, whassup, Swiss Chalet was a Rotisserie and Grill place, a regional restaurant, much like Sonic's, Tim Horton's, or Jack in the Box, but it wasn't like a fast food place like McDonald's or Burger King, it was more like a formal sit-down and be waited on eatery, like Olive Garden or Medival Times. Like what musicradio said, it's located in Western New York (where I'm from) and parts of Canada. They closed down the one that was in downtown Buffalo (unfortunately since it's the most convenient location and their food was GREAT) but there are still places in Amherst and Depew (WNY) as well as Canada (preferably Ontario, I believe). I hope that helped you some. :)
    musicradio77 Posted 9 years 8 months ago
    According to this rare TV spot, Swiss Chalet was a restraunt located in Canada, another country near the US border. There are some several locations where Swiss Chalet have. Buffalo, NY only has one restruant located, none of them are located in New York City and elsewhere. I understand that New York City does not have any local Swiss Chalet restruants around town. You might find this restruant in Buffalo and in around Canada.
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