Nickelodeon Takes Over Your School (1990)

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    INancy1989 Posted 4 years 5 months ago
    I feel like Nickelodeon should have taken over my school way back then me and my old Durand Academy buddies would've had a blast
    FireSaiyan Posted 7 years 9 months ago
    Wow, I remember watching these and wishing Nick would take over my boring school. Never happened though, saying I was only in 3rd or 4th grade at the time.
    Toggle Comment Threadmoron282 Posted 7 years 11 months ago
    their decision to stop doing this contest could not have come at a worse time, kids need a break now more than ever, (you wouldn't believe some of the stories i've heard, there r actually many elementary schools around the country that have put an end to recess.)
    INancy1989 Posted 2 years 7 months ago
    I feel it was because teachers are putting work ethic above play ethic these days.
    moron282 Posted 7 years 11 months ago
    meaning the classroom in the ad.
    moron282 Posted 7 years 11 months ago
    what the heck did they do to the classroom? LOLOL!
    JohnQPerson Posted 8 years 4 months ago
    Nick came to my school a good few years ago. It was ok. They had alot of the stars and characters running around during the day. Basically, it was a couple 2 hour assemblys in the gym (entire school could not fit in at once). They slimed some teachers and gave everyone t-shirts and junk to go with it. The commercial looks more exciting than it really is. But hey, 2 hours less of doing work.
    moron282 Posted 8 years 7 months ago
    ok. at :09 seconds in, what was that stuff in the back of the classroom? and i mean in the VERY back. (i'm guessing those were logos for nick shows. but which ones, of course assuming that i was right.)
    moron282 Posted 8 years 7 months ago
    reason being, in her house, nickelodeon was not allowed. (she thought that those shows were inappropriate for kids.)
    moron282 Posted 8 years 7 months ago
    why would they be upset? i'm sure that they probably watched nickelodeon with their kids, and besides, don't they deserve a break? (in fact i wouldn't be surprised to find out that any of the teachers at the winning schools asked for autographs of the stars (for their kids of course.) and i wanted to enter but my principal said no.)
    SquidMan93 Posted 10 years 1 month ago
    I wonder if any teachers were angry at Nick for being slimed. Also, did they ask the school's permission before they did that? I mean, wouldn't most teachers be unhappy about disrupting their lessons for their students to just play and goof around all day?
    Phantasmagoria_3D Posted 10 years 9 months ago
    As a kid, I always dreamed of winning this contest and having Nickelodeon take over my school. Sadly, I never won!
    Daikun Posted 10 years 9 months ago
    My best friend's school won one of these contests several years ago. He said he had a blast with it.
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