Disney Channel Break: The Replacements (2007)

Bumper Commercial

Disney Channel Break between shows: The Replacements.

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    Quote O' Matic
    • Cal: Morning, Ethel. My, don't you look lovely today.
    • Ethel: Now, Sheriff, you better hear me and hear me good. I want this loony bin closed down. You hear me, fella? Now these kids ain't nothing but trouble. They don't respect others' property, and they're all crazy!
    • Junior: You tell 'em, Ma! Ha-ha!
    • Cal: Ethel, these kids weren't doing...
    • Ethel: Doing? Doing?! You think I don't know what those two perverts were doing in my yard?
    • Junior: Say it like you mean it, Ma!
    • Ethel: Would you shut up?! (The kids laugh for a minute) Now, I'm going to tell all of you. You mark my words, the next little pervert that comes near my farm, I'm gonna blow your brains out. You hear me?!
    • Tucker: (approaching) Now, Ethel...
    • Ethel: Don't you come near me, Sheriff, I warn you! I got a bomb on me. I swear to ya. You make one more toward me, I'm gonna blow us all up. Start the engines, Junior! (gets on motorbike) That's it. My final words. (Ethel and Junior drive off)
    • Friday the 13th: A New Beginning
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