milton sterilising fluid (1985)

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a advert for milton sterilising fluid, family protection form germs

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    Quote O' Matic
    • Prairie Dawn: How about ten?
    • Pat Playjacks: Oh, yes. The number ten. Alright, Prairie. Ten is your guess. And now let's give the pig and spin on that turntable and we will count how many pig-squeals we hear right here on the Squeal of Fortune!
    • Prairie Dawn: (Spins the pig on the turntable)
    • Pig: (Squeals)
    • Audience: ONE!
    • Pig: (Squeals)
    • Audience: TWO!
    • Pig: (Squeals)
    • Audience: THREE!
    • Pig: (Squeals)
    • Audience: FOUR!
    • Pig: (Squeals)
    • Audience: FIVE! (Groaned after the buzzer sounds as the turntable stops spinning)
    • Pat Playjacks: Oooh, I am very sorry, Prairie. You guessed ten and there were only five pig-squeals, In today's "pig", I mean "Squeal of Fortune". That's too bad! So let's move right along to Count Von Count.
    • Prairie Dawn: Oh dear! I guess I didn't win. I can't believe this.
    • Sesame Street
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