Transformers Microman Blaster (1980)

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    bobbdobbs Posted 10 years 9 months ago
    the first transformers released in the u.s from 84-85 were all originally released in japan as part of 2 different toylines made by Takara,Microman:Microchange and Diaclone. All the robots were good guys. The Microchange bots were created by the micromen to help them fight agianst their enemies, the acroyears. They were sentient but lacked personality.The Diaclones required a pilot to do anything, they were sold in japan with little pilot action figures.

    Hasbro reps saw these toys at a japanese toy show and bought the rights to them. They renamed the characters,gave them different perosnalities and created a new storyline to explain what they were and where they came from and called it the transformers. The rest is history. Takara even started relselling them in Japan as the transformers and the new versions proved more popular than the old. It wasn't until the first transformers movie in 1986 that new transformers were created that were not dervived from diaclone or microchange toys, with the exception of shockwave and jetfire - who were both licensed from other japanese toy companies.The diaclone/microchange figures often have different color schemes and stickers than the transformers versions. There are also some of these toys that were never brough to the u.s as transformers.
    TigerSharkMako Posted 10 years 9 months ago
    What is the connection between Microman and Transformers? (not that I'm suprised if there is, just want to know for my TF/J-POP IQ)
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