I'm A PC-Jean Paul (2012)

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This ad is unfortunately cut off at the end.

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    Quote O' Matic
    • Georgina: Welcome, everyone! Welcome! Thank you all for coming to... my show, starring...ME Georgina Giraffe.

      (Sings)I am tall, very tall I'm much taller than you all I can stretch to the treetops
      I can nibble all the leaves off

      (Georgina blows on a snow-capped mountain)

      I can reach very high To the clo...
    • Giggles: Ouch! It's hot!
    • Tickles: Ouch!

      (Nelson uses his trunk to put the sun back in the sky)
    • Georgina: I'm a star, I'm unique Just look at my physique I'm a first-class acrobat But I guess you all know that.

      (Giggles and Tickles slide down Georgina and all the animals laughed)

      And now for the grand finale.

      Look at me, can't you see?
      I am pretty, I am witty,
      I'm Georgina, ballerina
      prima donna, c...
    • Zed: (laughs) Yes it is
    • 64 Zoo Lane
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