Levis with Dacron Polyester (1970)

Clothing Commercial

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    Son of Dad Posted 8 years 1 month ago
    ilovemyrats Posted 8 years 6 months ago
    Lol thats pretty freaky. and no, we definatly DONT miss him XD
    DeadlyPullip Posted 8 years 10 months ago
    Ow. My eyes. This is REALY freaky.
    whisper2000 Posted 9 years 5 months ago
    Wow that is a srange commercial lol.
    The Tingles Posted 9 years 6 months ago
    They sure weren't on acid when they made that shit
    candygurl80000 Posted 10 years 23 days ago
    thankyoustam Posted 10 years 4 months ago
    Drugz dood.. XD
    walkingqueen98 Posted 10 years 7 months ago
    wow that was so crazy reminds me of something from star wars or something
    surfychik32 Posted 10 years 7 months ago
    good ad, especially for the 70's. great animation!
    kkh1978 Posted 10 years 7 months ago
    Lets all trip and watch that again!!!!!
    Hailey Posted 10 years 8 months ago
    Somebody said that "stranger" reminded them of Timothy Leary!
    stephanie2007 Posted 10 years 11 months ago
    good commerical. pretty scary at the end though when he says "how are things in your town". almost sounds like a serial killer or stalker.
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