Cartoon Network - rap promo (1990)

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    MrBlaklip Posted 3 years 28 days ago
    That was clever!
    Megagents Posted 9 years 1 month ago
    He's saying "alright boys"! Also I can only remember a little bit of this, I was young when I first discovered CN and they were probably showing it less and less but still, I like it.
    bailesm Posted 9 years 1 month ago
    it is, RetroBen81! but some Youtubers thought he said "I Like Boys" cause of the music
    RetroBen81 Posted 9 years 4 months ago
    I always remembered Droopy as saying "all right, boys."
    SSJ Jup81 Posted 9 years 4 months ago
    Whoa, I remember that! I used to like this commercial too. Wish someone had the full version, though, to show.
    jbright Posted 9 years 5 months ago
    I'm with Hopper30 all the way on this one...I miss the old CN, all the old commercial/raps, fuckin' Toonapalooza on Friday nights, all that shit....I'd kill to find the full version of these clips...
    Caps 2.0 Posted 9 years 7 months ago
    This reminds me of the days when they felt compelled to give retro cartoons a hip-hop makeover. Totally wiggerish.
    Toonhead83 Posted 9 years 10 months ago
    Does anyone have the longer version to this. If you do please upload.
    TheNewMinistry Posted 9 years 11 months ago
    Droopy's saying "alright boys", not "I like boys"
    SquidMan93 Posted 10 years 21 hours ago
    Wait, what is Droopy really saying? It really sounds like "I like boys", but Cartoon Network wouldn't let that on the air!
    SquidMan93 Posted 10 years 21 hours ago
    Droopy's a pedophile! ("I like boys")
    CheezNapkin Posted 10 years 1 month ago
    Is it just me, or is Droopy saying "I like boys"?
    Eureeka Posted 10 years 1 month ago
    Oh my, I used to actually sing this from time to time.
    dalmatianlover Posted 10 years 2 months ago
    This was back when Cartoon Network used to show classic cartoons!
    gaastra Posted 10 years 2 months ago
    The good old days. Back when cartoon network aired stuff before 2000!

    A shame they dumped all the classic shows except tom and jerry and scooby-doo.
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